Our trip to science works

Last Friday the year 5s went to science works for the day. It was really fun and it was very interactive. The first thing we did was at the planetarium, that was SO AWESOME! That was by far the best bit. There was lots about stuff in the future and there was lots of robots and models. There was a really hard scavenger hunt but my partner and I managed to finish it 👍🏻.It was SO fun, but it went really quickly.

Thomas Jeffries

For our inquiry, we have to write a biography about someone from Australia’s history in the 19th century. I have a few wonderings  about my person that I was hoping someone could answer. WHEN WAS THOMAS JEFFRIES BORN? WHO WERE HIS PARENTS? And, WHY DID HE GET TRANSPORTED FROM SCOTLAND?

Today the year five and sixes went to Gisborne Secondary College. The classes did art and drama.


Our class had drama first. We played a game called… What are you doing? It was so much fun and Dayna made me be a floppy fish. I then made a boy play dress ups. It was hilarious! We played another game, we had to pretend to be a piece of furniture. We also played a miming game of Chinese whispers. I had so much fun.


In art, we made a pattern on an old disc and coloured it in. It was hard work and A LOT OF FUN! When we finished our disc, she put a stick and a leaf with our name on it.

I had a really good day and I had a lot fun.

Year 4 Expo

img_3267 img_3268

Today was the year 4 Expo. I was doing the Earth’s axis,I had a lot of fun and a lot of people visited. My family came too.  I went into the sink area with Sarah and where it was fairly dark. She was doing night and day and we both needed it to be dark. It went really well.

Coding ☠️💭🌝🌮

This week we have been learning about coding. Coding is a lot of fun. I have learnt lots of tricks to know if you have got a fake email trying to scam you. I have also learnt how to code games.


algorithm – a set of steps that are followed In order to solve a problem

loop – a part of a computer program that repeats the same steps over and over again

programmer – a person who writes computer code and programs

Debugging-  to take errors (mistakes) out of a program.

Earths axis

Here is my introduction paragraph to my information report…

Hi name is Kaelyn and today I am going to talk to you about the Earths axis. The Earths axis is what makes the Earth have a tilt. It’s tilt is on a 23.5, this makes the Earth habitable to live on.


Yesterday we went orienteering. In my group was Isabel, Chloe and Lucas. We called our selves the Oreo-teerers. We did map 1,4 and we started 15. I found it fun and full of adventures. We went to look for 2B but we couldn’t find it, the one we saw looked like ZB. We looked on the map and we were at the right spot. We searched a bit more but we couldn’t find it, so in the end we all just said that it was 2B. Which in the end it really was. We didn’t get to go into the bush much, but I still had a lot of fun.The reason we didn’t finish number 15 is because it was pouring rain and we had to stop early.😢